Saturday, April 16, 2016


Abby Jane Hodges and husband Morrison visited Tucson in April 2016 for an conference of a medical association, and the members of the Strong family in Arizona seized on the occasion to get together at the home of Todd and Jill Keller in the western foothill area of Tucson. I apologize for not making sure that all folks present got in the pictures. Missing are images of Jill Keller, Margaret Strong, and  sisters Teagen and Sophie Keller (daughters of Justin). Included in the pictures  are A J and Morry Hodges, Bill and Jo Strong, Caroline Keller and sons Craig Keller (visiting from the Pittsburg area), Todd Keller and Justin Keller.

Todd and Jill --  Thanks so much for hosting the crowd totaling 12 at your beautiful home.


Craig Keller, A J Hodges, Jo Strong and Morry Hodges. AJ is using a cane while she recuperates from a hip replacement six weeks ago.




A J Hodges, Jo Strong and Justin Keller


Caroline’s sons on Todd’s patio: Todd, Craig and Justin. Caroline’s dog Simone just happened by when the shutter went off.


Caroline, Morry,  me and part of Jo


Caroline Keller and Morry Hodges



Here is an “extra credit” picture. A couple of days before the Tucson gathering, Jo and I took a day trip to Payson AZ, about 75 miles north of our home in Mesa. There we found a replica of Zane Grey’s cabin which he used  a couple of months per year from 1921 to 1929 for big game hunting and writing. His cabin was  located near Kohl’s Ranch and Tonto Creek east of Payson. After he stopped using the cabin in 1929 it sat abandoned and vandalized until 1962 Then it was  restored by Bill Goettl. He was the owner of the company which mass produced evaporative coolers beginning in the 1940s to make the Phoenix summers more more bearable. I toured the original Zane Grey cabin many years ago. It was on the National Register of Historic Places.

The large “Dude” forest fire in 1990  burned the original cabin. In 2005 it was  faithfully reproduced as Zane Grey used it as a project of an historical society. Guided tours are interesting.The docents give a lot of information about the life of Zane Grey. If you are a Zane Grey fan, this is a must see! 28 of Zane Grey’s 57 novels were set in Arizona.